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Arengos Gardens

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The off-plan release for sale of the new homes currently under development at Arengos Gardens in Gibraltar’s Upper Town has commenced this month and is likely to be welcomed with a flurry of interest from property investors and homebuyers alike.

There is something very special about buying a brand new home in the historic heart of this vibrant city. The development at Arengos Gardens (known locally as Arengos Palace, after the original historic property) has an ideal location. It’s situated on the upper reaches of the old town, close enough to local amenities such as schools and bus routes for convenience, but with the sense of calm that comes from being outside and above the city centre. On the fringe of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, it provides the best of both worlds: easy access to shops, health centres, leisure amenities and Gibraltar’s commercial and business centre combined with the joy of living surrounded by Gibraltar’s lush Upper Rock. It has to be said; Arengos Gardens also has some of the best views over the Strait and the Bay of Gibraltar to be found in the Mediterranean.

The challenge for the developers and the architects involved in the project – Hillstone Properties and T10 Design Consultants, respectively – has been to provide luxury and modern living facilities in an area which is steeped in history, and in a city where increasing priority is being given to the care of the local environment. The design team has aimed to give particular consideration of those aspects of the design which will reduce the building’s carbon footprint – “eco-modern” being the term coined in the brochure. This means adding details such as the use of low-consumption LED lighting throughout and the enclosing of the superstructure with YTONG masonry panels which are made from 100% ecologically produced “green” materials giving high thermal and sound insulation, as well as being moisture and – of great priority in our post-Grenfell Tragedy days – fire resistant.

Modern living means top quality finishes as well as secure access to the building, underground car parking with charging points for electric vehicles, a rooftop swimming pool for residents - perfect for taking advantage of those stunning views - rooftop private gardens, as well as a communal gym and an “American Concept” laundry room.

But of particular interest, especially to the local community as well as to prospective buyers, are the refurbishment and the opening up of the original Victorian gardens which had been neglected for years. Fringing the edge of the Nature Reserve, these gardens cover some 3500 m2, and are to be revitalized as part of the development. The gardens will be opened up to the public with access via Bruce’s Gully between Arengos Gardens and Prior Park School. Not only is the re-development of these gardens going to add to the attractiveness of residing in Arengos Gardens, leading as they do to the more intricate pathways of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, but they will also add an essential green and restful space to Gibraltar’s bustling city life. An interesting example of the mingling of private and public space that in recent years has become an increasingly important aspect of urban living.

First published in Property Gibraltar, 29th September 2017,