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Joint Purchase of a Property- Important information

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How to avoid common pitfalls

When purchasing a property with a friend, business partner or family member it is vitally important to consider the possible future consequences of this.The below article, written by local lawyer Suzika Santiago, explains the possible pitfalls of choosing to purchase with another person and which legal purchase options can be chosen to best protect your rights.

UK Investors surge in

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UK Investor surge

With BREXIT looming there is an unexpected boom in enquiries from UK residents wanting to invest in Gibraltar. There is not enough property at the lower end of the market to service the clients requesting an investment property, 'buy to let', non residency in the under 250k price range. What we need to remember is that as much as from Gibraltar perspective we feel uneasy about the change, which is natural, there are increased taxes being imposed on those wanting investment homes in the UK which is driving people to look …

New Build Investor Incentive Announced

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Investor Incentive Initiative by Gibraltar Government

Chief Minister’s announcement – Gibraltar Parliament 08.07.16 I announce a new budget measure today that where any property is constructed in the next thirty months from the 1st July 2016 and that property is rented for residential purposes, the owner of that property will receive a tax credit equal to the tax payable on the profits earned on the first twenty-four months of rent occurring in the first five years after the completion of construction of that property. The tax …

Pre BREXIT Market Conditions - GIBRALTAR

Pre BREXIT Market Conditions - GIBRALTAR Image


JUNE 2016

Current Market Conditions- June 2016 Due to new legislation and tax changes in the UK, there are an increasing number of enquiries from UK property developers. The past couple of months especially has seen a marked increase in this type of enquiry. You would think that ' BREXIT' would put investors off, placing property purchase on hold pending the outcome. We are actually finding that some investors feel that due to no one else buying this is a good time to peruse the market ready to make their move. …